What We Deliver

  • Do you feel like a failure at home, at work, or in the church?
  • Do you feel like your life is a disappointment to others, yourself, or even God?
  • Do you feel the pressure to do more and try harder to experience the love and acceptance you long for?
  • Do you struggle with guilt, shame, and regret because of what you have done or failed to do?

We all feel the pressure to secure a sense of significance, approval, validation, and love, and we conclude that if we’re going to experience these things, we have to make it happen. Most of us are exhausted because we’re trying to justify ourselves by what we do, who we can become, and what others think about us.

If any of this describes you, The Sanctuary is for you. We are a group of imperfect people learning what it means to rest in God’s perfect love for us. We are a pack of 21st-century missionaries of grace called to go into the hard regions of human need and struggle with the good news of God’s unconditional love.

Jesus invited weary and burdened people to come to him to find rest (Matthew 11:28). So, at The Sanctuary you won’t hear, “Just do it!” Instead, you will hear over and over again “It is finished!”

Our ministry is anchored in—and fueled by—the good news that, in the person of Jesus, God has already reached down to us. So our three-fold response as a church is to REACH UP to God, REACH IN to one another, and REACH OUT to the world

UPREACH—Liberating Worship

When we gather together for worship, we come reaching up, starved for God, ready to feast together on the good news of God’s unconditional love for us. Through Song, Sermon, and Sacrament, we celebrate together the riches of God’s amazing grace delivered to us in the person and work of Jesus.

INREACH—Unconditional Community

Through the various ministries of the church, it is our privilege to be reaching in. That is, we seek to minister God’s love to one another inside our church by:

  • mutually supporting one another
  • teaching one another
  • encouraging one another
  • loving one another
  • edifying one another

OUTREACH—Spontaneous Service

Prior to Jesus’ ascension in Acts 1:8, He told His disciples that they would be His witnesses “in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Therefore, it is our privilege to minister God’s love to those outside of our church by reaching out:

  • locally (Jerusalem)
  • nationally (Judea and Samaria)
  • internationally (the ends of the earth)

We serve as conduits of God’s boundless love to a weary and heavy-laden world (Matthew 11:28).