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Romans (Part 03)

March 18, 2021 Speaker: Tullian Tchividjian Series: Romans

Verse: Romans 2:12–2:29

The Book of Romans has long been recognized as the apostle Paul's Magnum Opus. Everything God wants us to believe about guilt and grace, sin and salvation, failure and forgiveness, can be found in Romans.
In this classic sermon series from 2014, Tullian Tchividjian liberatingly unpacks the life-giving message of this monumental letter showing that Romans is pure theological therapy for the soul.
Tullian divides the letter into three parts:
The diagnosis section: Romans 1-3.
The deliverance section: Romans 4-11.
The description section: Romans 12-16.
We hope this series of 23 sermons will set you free in brand new ways.
Here is Part 3.

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